We run three types of training course at Oxo Media. The first is teaching you the basics of using a computer, a smart phone or a camera. The second type of course is generally aimed at people who have some basic knowledge and want to push their skills further. The third are courses written for those who really want to push their learning to an advanced level. See below for more details


Training courses for beginners

This is the starting point for people who are completely new to technology. We offer a range of different courses aimed at introducing you to computers, tablets of other forms of technology. These courses are aimed at people who have never used technology before and they give you an opportunity for lots of hands on experience and the asking of questions. Through using social media we have various support groups where participants can share experiences and ask questions. We have found these to be incredibly useful in people’s learning.

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

Training for those with a basic knowledge

In our experience their are lots of people out there who are frustrated knowing the technology they have isn’t being used to its fullest. Sometimes simply being shown the basics and then offering follow on support really empowers people to enjoy technology in the home. An example of this is our Film Without Fear course which teaches clients to use an tablet or smart phone for filming a family event or holiday. Sounds complicated but with the right input those with a basic knowledge of the technology are suddenly flying and really enjoying the challenge of learning something new. If you have a basic understanding of your technology these courses are for you.

Advanced training

If you want to get adventurous and push your learning to another level we can support you. From professional video editing, filming to a professional standard or designing a website or new publicity for a business (or just for fun) we can teach you. We can design a course and then see if others within our network might be interested.

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

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