Some people prefer learning in their own home, at their own pace without the pressure of being in a larger group. This is why we have developed this service. See below for some of the support services we offer.

Smart phones & tablets

These are one of the 21st century marvels, a device that can do so much and will fit in your pocket or bag, how is this possible? and how do they work. We can show you. From setting the phone up from new or installing new applications, through to connecting your device to a computer we can help. Examples include:


  • Setting a new app store account up so you can download new software to your device
  • Adjusting settings and making the device work for you
  • Keeping you safe from fraudsters
  • Understanding what all the different functions and terms mean
  • Having fun with your device i.e learning how to shop, film, listen and download music etc.

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

Technical support & help

One of the most frustrating aspects of technology is when it stops working effectively or the settings change. With devices being so complicated and constantly having to install certain upgrades such as virus checkers, things will inevitably change or look different. We can help with this. Again by supporting you to troubleshoot and fix the situation so you can get back to using your device confidently. Examples of this include:


  • Setting up your device correctly from new
  • Teaching you how the different functions work
  • Helping install hardware/software upgrades – such as latest versions or virus checkers
  • Refresher training on how to actually work your device correctly
  • Helping you find the right upgrades or new device for the best price

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

Cameras & camcorders

Most people have some form of camera in the home and some are still using the old school film cameras but most will have upgrading to a high quality digital device. But do you know how to use it? We can teach you and help you to push your understanding and use of these creative devices. Examples of this include:


  • Setting up and exploring how to use the functions on your camera/camcorder
  • How to take good pictures/filmed footage
  • How to download those images and get them printed at a store or online
  • How to do more with the media you have taken i.e editing video or manipulating photos via computer software
  • Looking after your device and keeping it in good working condition

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

Computers & laptops

Whether it is getting some training or support when it first arrives or help installing and then using some new software we can help you. By exploring the capabilities of your computer or laptop you will soon learn to use this piece of technology confidently and begin to use it in many aspects of your life. Examples include:


  • Communication with family members away from home through programmes like Messenger, Skype, What’s App
  • How to safely use the internet for home shopping
  • Using office suites to manage your home or small business
  • Enjoying reconnecting with old friends through social media

For more information call Paul on: 07990 578684

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