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adopt YOUR doggy walk OR WALKING ROUTE

Many members of the community walk their dogs or exercise on a regular route each day. We want to use this in a positive way to add value to the community. We are looking for you to volunteer to adopt a route to keep tidy. We want this community to shine. In six months 12 volunteers have collected over 2400 bags of rubbish, recycling much of it.

How does this work? Our team will come out with you initially to do a full cleanup of your route and then all you have to do when you’re walking is just maintain and pick up any litter items from here onwards. If the litter issue gets particularly bad and it’s proving too much our team will come back and for another team litter pick. We can provide you with a litter picker, gloves, and bags free of charge.

We want to double the number of volunteers in 2020. you might think this isn’t your job but the reality is there isn’t the Council staff doing this and the benefits are really positive to your mental health and fitness. 

Be part of a great time who are making a big difference – join us now!!


Litter Research

We are keen to find out where litter is coming from and what has been left behind. If you want to participate in sharing information we can give you an online or paper form to fill out. We can work with different agencies to identify the types of litter people are leaving behind this will create a profile where the litter is coming from. For example some sweets will be primarily eaten by children and might be on a school walking route so we can work with the headteacher. Certain bits of litter might be left behind as industrial waste we will contact local businesses. Our team will target the source of this litter and proactively deal with it longer term.


Banking Your Time

We will encourage you to record the hours that you are investing into litter picking and this will help us recognise you as one of our community heroes. We will also work with the countryside rangers to bank these hours and hopefully this might offset their time to get involved in other community activities as pay back working with young people or community projects. In due course we aim to link in with Chesterfield Time Bank to explore how we properly log your hours so the community and yourself can gain additional benefits.


Clean Up Resources

Our team will apply for some funding to get you some litter pickers and litter hoops and all the cleaning materials you might need so once you adopt a spot we can provide you with these free of charge. We will also give you tips on how to sort the waste for recycling.

To get started give us a call or email to tell us what your resource requirement is

Turn Your Clean Up Into Exercise

 We have worked out on average route will need maintaining every two days and you will pick up possibly up to 60 items. If you do this manually without mechanical picker it will be the equivalent of 60 squats. Or you may want to extend your route with a longer walk. Over a longer period of time you will notice the benefits health wise. In the future we will explore ways of your sharing your fitness stories.

Recognising Your Route

We will also provide an aerial digital map of the route that you’re picking and share this below so the other members can see your route and be inspired by your work. 

In the future will will combine all the routes and show you how much of Holmewood and Heath is been covered by our volunteers



We would not expect or encourage you to pick up any toxic waste ( that includes other peoples dog poo ! ) but you can call the number or use the form below to report any problems. Having this reported to us means that we can get it removed for you as quickly as possible.

Holmewood & Heath are generating new ideas. from the community which solves the bigger problems

Why not become part of the team to make our community shine?  


In a bid to help manage how much time a litter pick takes we can assist you in a number of ways.

1. REQUEST HELP – if your route has suddenly receieved a lot of litter some of the team will come and clean it with you

2. Report flytipping. send us a few photos and the location and we will contact the right people to get it removed

3. Report excessive dog poo! Again send some pictures and location (nice!) and we will help

4. Report fly tipping or industrial waste – send photos and location we will let the appropriate people know

contact us or report any problems on your cleanup
or just Say Hello!

Please report any toxic waste (excrement), fly tipping, industrial waste or any stories you have to tell or if you need resources or publicity




 Litter and fly tipping is a blight on our countryside – it is unsightly, unpleasant and dangerous to the public and animals. Always place your litter in a litter bin or take it home. To report an issue of fly tipping use the link below to report it.

To report an issue with litter or fly tipping please use our
Do it Online’ service.



The 5 Pits Trail is managed by Derbyshire County Council ant issues such as litter, fly tipping, fallen trees etc. should be reported to:

Countryside Service


Dog fouling is a major problem, and one we are actively targeting to reduce.
Please report any dog fouling incidents.
If you are caught letting your dog foul without clearing it up you may face a fixed penalty notice of £50 or a court fine up to £1,000. 
Please report incidents of dog fouling via our Do it Online service, where you will be treated in confidence. 
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