Oxo Media is a small training and consultancy business located in Heath, Chesterfield. Our mission is to bring high quality training and support to clients from within Derbyshire and surrounding areas. We are a small company that prides ourself on quality, genuine support and good value for money.

Paul Oxborough

Lead Trainer – Oxo Media

Paul’s Story


For the last 25 years Paul has worked with youth groups, schools, colleges and organisations training people how to use new technology. He has had a primary focus of teaching film and media so that groups can pick up a camera and get their message out to a wider audience. But one thing he has learnt is technology never sits still, it is always on the move and our reliance on using it is getting greater. So being able to teach the basics in an easy to follow way is so important. Oxo Media has been setup to work primarily with the older generation so most of the work is with the over 50’s age group.

Paul’s interests include anything to do with gadgets (surprise surprise) walking, running, mountain biking, motorbikes, walking his dog Buzz and reading. He has lived in the Heath area of Chesterfield since 2003 and is married with 2 teenage daughters. Paul is also Creative Director of a not for profit company called Momentum World which offers international leadership training opportunities for young people from the UK.


We are a small local business that has had years of teaching people of all ages how to embrace new technology. We are aware there is an emerging gap and lack of opportunities for the older generation to keep up with the change. This is why we have focussed our support in this area. By empowering the older generation they too can experience the rewards and benefits new technology brings and also help them to keep an active and enquiring passion for learning.


We hear of the cloud where everything virtual is now stored, but what is it? How does it work? In fact how does any of this amazing technology work? Our mission is to talk you through using hardware, which is the physical stuff you touch (computers, phones, cameras etc.) and the software (the built in instructions that allow the technology to do the magic). Afterwards we will provide a simple guide and then free phone or email support for any questions.


Most families will have members younger than them who are much more confident around technology. When you ask them for help there is a look of What! how can you not know this? We know the importance of taking things slowly, encouraging you to ask questions and also practice in a safe environment. We believe it’s ok to ask the same question once, twice or ten times if it helps you learn. We also believe in teamwork by offering ongoing follow on support and problem solving together.


Most people only need a one hour session to learn how to use a piece of technology, especially knowing there is a person at the end of an email/phone who they can trust not to laugh at them. We find our clients quickly start to understand new technology and enjoy it. We believe our services are incredible value for money and we offer an important lifeline to members of the community by helping them take part in the technology revolution.

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